Custom Services


Custom Candles for Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries

Your wine, beer and liquor bottles are special to you! They represent a product you believe in and work hard to promote.  Why should they only be used once?  Show your customers how much you care by providing them a second chance to enjoy them!

Yup! Candles supports your company by producing a candle with a high level of craftsmanship for you and your customers to enjoy. We collect your bottles, carefully remove the top, preserve your labels, polish the edges to a professional finish and fill to the brim with a 100% all natural soy wax. The end product is a beautiful addition to your gift shop displaying your commitment to upcycling your bottles and reducing waste.

How It Works

  1. Contact us to discuss your order.
  2.  Save the empty bottles from your tasting room that you would like converted into candles.
  3. Email, text or call us to arrange pick up of your bottles or you can ship them to us. We offer a completely free pickup/delivery service in the Northern Virginia and surrounding counties.
  4. Finalize your custom order and anticipate your delivery within 5-10 days depending on order size.  Our goal is to make you and your customers happy!


Custom Candle Orders

Send us your favorite bottles and we’ll convert them into a great smelling candle! Everyone has a favorite beer, wine or liquor.  Why not get twice the use out of it? Or give someone a gift out of their favorite bottle! Please visit our online candle shop or contact us for your custom candle order.